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The most important asset of any school is its faculty. These are the persons who most influence the students through practical example as well as through instruction. It is the faculty who best model the purpose and philosophy of Vision International University of Theology of Florida.


Balance is a key word in describing the persons who make up the faculty of Vision. First, there is a balance between age and youth, between enthusiasm and experience. There is also a balance in academic ability and spiritual fervor, between the quality of scholarship and a warm heart, intellectual competence and in practical wisdom.

Vision has brought together a fine group of faculty and personnel who strive for excellence in their respective areas of instruction and are well able to take on the awesome responsibility of educating and training men and women for God's service. Most members appointed to the faculty of Vision have a terminal degree in their field of instruction along with years of practical and professional experience related to their teaching field. All faculty members are also expected to be of high moral character and personal integrity, and firmly committed to the VIUTF Mission Statement.

Vision International University of Theology of Florida faculty are diverse in theological and philosophical persuasion and are support debate, discussion, and the promotion of academic freedom.